If you want to know more abot "Reality" and "Song For A Soldier", the lost Marc Bolan demos, 

there's an explanation HERE



I love these guys:

Michelle Bowie (thanks for the tat, the t shirt and the song… You are amazing), Kimmie, Lin Aylward, Peggy Servin, Lee Naven, Melanie Perret, Steve "Ace" Luff, Emiliano Canal, Marcia Hill, Aghus Samur, Nick Schinder, Mike Lidskin on Twirl Radio and Recharged Radio, Barry "The Groover Parsons", Pete Waller, Lost in Tyme Fanzine, Emmanuel Noro Marian, Baz Gennard (Sinister Angel Realm), Steve (Absolute Powerpop), Aaron (Powerpopaholic), Ollie & OK! Records, Sonich Shocks, Jade Blackmore, Hans Werksman, Tracy Mcnally, Daniel Thomas (Independent Music News), Greg Dowell, Zontar Ratnoz, Bluesbunny, Chris Rockson, Denise Rodgers & Soundcheck Magazine, Mudkiss Fanzine, Uber Rock, Dana Wright, Veglam, Gew Gaw Fanzine, Paolo Milea, Martyn Cummings, Sam Panther, The Ramoana Experience, Ana Mondal, Barry Dreyfus & Dave "The Boogieman", Wayne Lundqvist Ford, Sergio Diaz, Gavin Stuart Ross (Atmfc), David Mobley, Rockmebabytv Merynes.



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